Roxton Nursing Home

Our Commitment to Care

Everyone at Roxton Nursing Home has a personal and professional commitment to providing excellent care.

Aims and Objectives:

We believe that each resident should be treated as an individual and with dignity. We aim to promote independence in the activities of daily living. We believe that each resident has the right to the highest standard of care in a Home environment. The home has developed objectives in support of this philosophy:

Philosophy of Care:

As our Philosophy of Care Roxton Nursing Home look at the 'Whole Person' and not just part of a person. It is so important to identify each person individually in order to bring the right benefits for them. This can be achieved when having awareness of the following:

Our Vision:

Our Services:

We at Roxton Nursing Home know that the thought of moving into care home can often be very traumatic for both residents and relatives but that it is sometimes the only option available in order to maintain personal safety, security and provide appropriate levels of care. Prior to admission, each new resident is encouraged to visit the home to satisfy themselves that the ambience is to their liking.

We provide a unique care and support plan that works for each individual. The first thing we do when we hear from a new client is to get to know the person's life history, likes, dislikes and, of course, their medical history to help us understand their unique needs. Using these information we develop an individual profile and plan of care. We encourage and support people to continue doing as many daily tasks as possible, pursue their interests and hobbies, stay active and spend quality time with family and friends

We will ensure that we work with you and your family, friends, advocates and other professionals involved in your life in gathering all the information we need to make sure we can meet your needs.

Quality of Life:

We understand that quality is crucial to everything we do at Roxton Nursing Home. We ensure that everything we do is continually scrutinised. We get feedback from the people who use our services and implement robust systems to monitor our standards.

As a care home provider, we are registered with the Care Quality Commission, the independent regulator of all health and social care services in England, and our home is regularly inspected to ensure that we meet essential standards of quality and safety.

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  • NHS Continuing Healthcare - 99%
  • Birmingham Social Care Overall Quality Score - 95%